Thursday, April 16, 2015

11 Fear Factors Of Productive Wheel

Employee’s productivity can be directly linked with the work environment and company culture. It includes all the system in which the employees interact with directly or in directly. Studies were done on different aspects of employee productivity. Let me untie my thoughts on how fear affects productivity.

These are few fear factors which can have an impact on your productivity;

1.        A high stress level

Fear has a direct impact on stress level. An employee working with high stress level is obvious to give poor performance.

2.       Fear of Failure

When an employee step in to a new field or trying to experiment something new for the job betterment, this fear crop up. The fear of failure holds him back, and this uncertainty prevents successful completion of the work.

3.       A difficult task

Difficulty in doing the work can create fear on employees mind. The anxiety of successful undertaking of the work leads to less productivity.

4.       Fear of Recognition

Employees always live with the fear whether they are taken rightly by the leaders at work place. This refrain them from not expressing their views, concerns and suggestions can lead to conflict.

5.       Fear of unemployment

Generally all are afraid of things which are beyond our control. Fear of  losing job can be stated as the most haunting thought the employees deal with. This act as a barrier in effective utilization of their skill. 

6.       Fear of Economic Stability
Organizations economic stability can be a fear factor which has an influence on productivity. The employees always will be anxious about their tomorrow.

7.       Personal In security

It is very relevant in today's world that the employees should have the confidence to work fearlessly without any physical and mental disturbances.

8.       Fear of Rejection

When the goal is achieved by teamwork, adaptability matters. The fear of rejection comes in, where the employees feels that they are being overlooked or avoided by the co-workers, which has a reverse effect on productivity. 

9.     Fear of Missing Out

This can be said as a form of social anxiety. The fear of missing out happens when the employees feel that they will miss something important, if they don't do continued social interaction. In effect the employees keep themselves to social medias like, phone, email, internet browsing etc at the cost of their productivity.

10.   Fear of Timeout

Timely execution of work is always appreciated by the employers. When a particular work goes on prolonging or if the worker experiences lack of expertise, fear dominates, which affects the quality of work and timely execution.

11.   Fear of Work culture

Each work culture is unique in nature.Most often new employees find it difficult to cope up with the cultural and environmental changes.This fear can initially demotivate them.A little fear can motivate performance, but too much of it  kills performance.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Facts - Internal Sourcing

The article gives a summary on why organizations need a fresh set of eyes on the company and its processes at times.
The best people are typically the ones hired, whether or not they are internal or external candidates.”

 while Internal sourcing is widely discussed as one of the best recruitment practice, you need to look at the other side of the coin too. Most organizations believe giving the opportunity preference to the employees, but that doesn't automate the position filling process.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Liberated Mindset

Great thought.

Preplanned strategies are of course considered as a key success tool. But keeping  aside some space to  accommodate new ideas and processes brings out more result.Being receptive to new thoughts rather than jumping in to conclusion with a preset mind can do wonders.An open mind with understanding intention holds the key to success.

Our responsibility is to respond to our inspiration and convert it appropriately to match the situation. 
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scared Of Change? Overcome It !

Very interesting video on change resistance.

Changes are inevitable.How to get along with change is that matters.

The sooner the better.

Be positive to changes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is Going First Easy?


Leaping first towards the new era is a difficult action, and that's why leadership always call for intellectual decisions.The writer talks about some key skills,the leaders should possess to become successful.
Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” – Louise E. Boone
We often talk abut leadership,leadership skill and real leaders. It is all about trust, courage, action,decision, strategies and all.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Powerful Five - On Transparent Workplace

In today,s organization scenario the concept of  we becoming popular and vital.A good example is a best sermon. Leaders lead by example encourage others to follow them.Organization endeavor for transparent workplace,must possess certain traits.
When times get tough, the tough get transparent. That's the word from Quint Studer, author of the new book Straight A Leadership: Alignment, Action, Accountability.

These are  few powerful tips;

1.  Give Respect And Take Respect

      Employees should be treated with due respect at all levels at     
      workplace.Let the employees know that they too add value to
      the company.

2.    Have A Perfect Bridging Between All Levels Of Hierarchy

       Make sure that the organization's goals ,plans and strategies are
       perceived well by the employees in order to actualize  perfect harmony
       in work environment

3.    A Well Framed Communication System

       Whenever the front line manager /leaders fail to communicate 
       with the employees, conflict and confusions bob up at work place.
       Development of an effective communication system can contribute
       more towards productivity.  

4.    Provide With Updated Changes

       Now employees have grown beyond surprises.Keep them posted with
       latest changes that happening in the organization, whether its on
       the policies or product.This can  build mutual trust.

5.    A Standard Set On Behavior

       When you dream of transparent workplace, it is considered to be the
       part of corporate culture.In order to achieve on this, the organization 
       should practice certain behavioral traits such as, honest feedback, 
       openness between employer and employee,and equality.Transparent
       workplace assure faster problem solving, better teamwork and a
       healthy working relationship.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 Ways To Progress From Busy To Productive

Are you busy? Not productive?

Remains busy the whole day doesn't mean that you were productive too.
Knowing the difference between busy and productive can determine success.

"Getting many things done means you were busy. Getting the right things done makes you  productive.” 

Most often in spite of our hard work,we fail to achieve our target and keep on
thinking what went wrong.When people/employees are used to certain bad productivity
habits,in spite of being hard workers they tend to achieve less or nothing.

 Let us unveil the secrets behind un productiveness.

1. Be Held Up With Meetings

Meetings are integral part of business.Too many meetings can of course keep you
busy full day but, Are they wasting your productive time?No amount of talking can replace action.

2. Taking Up Other People,s Job

Be just before you are generous.Make sure that your task is being executed well in time before giving a helping hand to your co-worker.Engaging with other people,s work causes injustice to yours.

3. The Myth Of Time

Time doesn't change.We have only fixed working time in a day. To make use of the time effectively and productively is the real challenge an employee faces in time management.

4. To Be Engaged In Multitasking

Employees perform many different jobs in a day.Does multitasking ensures productivity?Undertaking many jobs at a time makes your schedule tight,but you are not getting much done.Set your priority tasks and be focused on to it.

5. Keeping The Work For Tomorrow.

This is one big mistake employees often do at workplace.Never keep your work for tomorrow, when it can be accomplished the same day.When employees put things off  for next day they end up with long list of un accomplished tasks and worries.Later on they find it difficult to cope up with the work schedule.

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