Friday, May 10, 2013

10 Stunning HR Infographics

This infographic might make you want to be an university professor or a jeweler or at least want to make your son/daughter grow up to be one!

This hilarious zombie damage calculator and ready-reckoner is required reading for anyone who hires people in the company.

Thousands of HR related tweets gives us some interesting stats about HR.
I would have expected the male female ratio to be the other way round actually.

A leadership lesson as an infographic.

It irks me no end when companies block Facebook or Twitter access on their networks. Instead, they tap this innate tendency of the employee to be chatty and social to the benefit of the company.
I have always felt that everyone in the company must contribute to the blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

A nice follow up with the social media blunders infographic above, here is how to be awesome on Facebook and use it to recruit people

Some stunning stats about the state of employment in the US.

88% job rejection rate if you have a photo of yourself on your CV! Seriously?
More in "The confessions of the recruitment industry"

A a (former) workaholic myself, while I have finally learnt to live a balanced life, I see almost everyone in the start-up industry burning themselves out in front of my eyes.
This one goes to all of them...

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