Sunday, May 12, 2013

20 Tips To Fuel Your Hiring Efforts

1. Start blogging :-)

Being a subject matter expert instead of a recruiter will help you attract more candidates and will also hold you in good stead in the long run in the industry as a whole.
Blog posts live on almost forever online and many of the posts I have written still get visitors everyday even after a few years!
So what can you blog about? Blog about what the industry is interested in. How do you find that out? Use one of the classic SEO techniques, Google Website Analyzer. More about this tool below.

You can also learn to write link-bait headlines. Link-bait headlines are blog subjects that are highly bookmarkable and skimmable. Lists work very well but there are a lot of other ways. I will write a blog post about HR blogging soon.

2. Hide stuff which only the best candidates can find

Let me start with an example: For finding techies, one awesome tactic is to hide a job posting inside the Java script file included on your company's webpage. I remember years ago when I was messing around with Meebo's(no longer active) website, I found a job posting hidden deep in one of their Java script "includes". Meebo offered multiple IM usage over a webpage so I had found it interesting enough to dive in and look at their code.

3. Provide great content/resources for free

In exchange for an email address consider giving away a white paper about the industry free. Like a blog post, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Leverage events
Organize events which help the industry yourself or at least participate and support existing events.

5. Include a call to action for jobs in your marketing and sales efforts
Every marketing campaign is an opportunity to reach out to find potential candidates.

6. Online conversations
I learnt this from Gary Vaynerchuk who is an social media marketing rock star. He asks you to spend at least 15 minutes each day on Twitter looking for people with questions about the industry and answering them and expecting nothing in return!

7. Bounty system for referrals
Setup a clear reward for employees for finding you candidates. Most recruiters agree that internal referrals is one of the most potent and effective ways to hire people.

8. Win a free trial on a job site
Many job sises have free trials. If not, you can even call up their sales and negotiate one.

9. Follow people on twitter
Use Twellow or WeFollow to find and follow people in your industry.

10. Use smart Boolean search operators
a. Go for a greater range

b. Do not use parenthesis and quotation marks in job title searches because it will limit your results.

c. Use a lot of OR operators

d. Use synonyms, variations, abbreviations and spelling mistakes

Example: CTO OR chief technology officer OR tech head OR technology head OR head of technology

11. LinkedIn Groups

a. Be active on industry LinkedIn groups. Better still find a sub niche and create one yourself. I know the HR guy from bangalore who created the "The recruitment network" group on linkedin and today has well over 200k members!

b. Make the search alert feature work for you. Use this feature on Linkedin to setup alerts whenever Linkedin finds new matches to your searches.

12. Promote company culture

Even though I suggested you don't blog about yourself, its beneficial and fun to post stuff that exposes the company culture. Working overnights? Having an office party? Got a new Coke vending machine in the office? Blog about it.

13. Make it easy for people to find you on Linkedin
Join the open networkers group, post your email and phone publicly if you feel ok about it.
Also, post all your jobs into your Linkedin stream.

14. Use Google to Search LinkedIn 
Google is a great tool for finding people who have made their profile public

Example the following search searches Linkedin, question and answer sites, directories, blogs for potential candidates: intitle:linkedin -intitle:answers -intitle:updated
-intitle:blog -intitle:directory plus your specific keywords, e.g., marketer "London" "ecommerce"

15.Use SEO tactics

a. Use SEO keywords in job descriptions to reach the maximum number of candidates
Use the Google Keywords Tool - which is a tool which tells you how many times someone is searching for a keyword in google every month. You can also filter by location. Its a great way to find rich topics everyone is searching for. Start off by typing your basic industry keywords and Google starts listing out similar keywords that people actually type.

b. Setup Google alerts for candidates.
Use the search technique in the point above and setup a Google Alert so you get an email every time Google finds a new match.

c. Optimize blog content for SEO using the keywords found in the Google Keywords Tool.

16. Use contact databases
like Zoominfo or Hoovers

17. Use, to find and participate in industry meetups.
Example, look for "hacker meetups" in Google to find techies meeting in your city.

18. Email newsletters
Sales/marketing teams in your company typically have an email list of industry stakeholders. Use Mailchimp to blast an email asking for referrals or include it as a part of your regular company newsletter.

19. Quora and Google Plus
Quora is a Q&A site where you can follow people in your industry and follow specific industry topics.
Its a great place to find top talent and a the best way to do that is to start getting involved by asking and answering questions regularly.

20. Always be hiring 
I am always hiring. I have this favorite question I ask everyone I meet in my company/industry - "Who is the best programmer you ever met?" substitute programmer with relevant industry title.

Let me ask you a question - What is the best tip on hiring you can ever give anyone?

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