Thursday, September 26, 2013

10 Tips For Effective Employee Relations

Human capital is considered as the back bone of an organization. Managing the human component is the one of the most tackled issues of HR Professionals. Prevalence of sound employee relation enhances productivity. 

Here are some tips for effective employee relations:

1.    Have a well defined communication system

            A drop of ink may make a million think. Proper communication at all levels ensures effective reach of thoughts and policies of the company among the work force. Make sure that the employees follow the transmission and interpretation of policies.

2.    Provide a competitive payment package

           A Competitive reward package stimulates employee morale which in turn enhances productivity and success.

3.    Be 'Collaborative'

          This is one key HR skills which alone can with stand. An employer responsible for managing effective relations should be able to relate well at all levels.

4.    Create ample career development scope

           Employees are constantly in lookout for their career betterment opportunities. 'Internal Sourcing' is one of the best known recruitment policies of companies. 

5.    Be swift to hear & slow to speak

           As many HR researches state, listening is the most inevitable skill a HR position demands, which itself is an employee management technique.

6.    Have transparent and unbiased  HR policies

           Sound ethical policies are always well tolerated among employees irrespective to size of business. This can be well used as a 'magic stick' to enforce  quality work. Establishing an organizational structure in which clearly defined responsibility and authority are assigned to each job promotes good working culture.

7.     Develop an apt conflict handling strategy

            Conflict is an anticipatory challenge. A danger foreseen is half avoided. To have apt conflict handling policies increase mutual trust and ensures quality teamwork.

8.    Provide accurate feedback and value suggestions

           Let the employees know you value their opinion and suggestions for company betterment. Let them feel the contentment. Honor a job well done.

9.    Fringe Benefits!

           Providing incentives at different levels go in par with effective management policy. Introduction of referral bonus system is a sound practice.

10.    Celebrate Often

            Introduction of celebration practices like achievement, festivals, and birthdays by employee organizing committee will help to reduce stress and develop interpersonal relations among the employees. 'Happy' workers contribute more towards productivity.

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