Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Interview: How Allison Managed HR Operations while Scaling from 1000 People to 4000 in Barclays Shared Services

Allison Chotia: Senior HRBP at Barclays Shared Services Africa

Girish: Allison, describe your current job

Allison: I am a senior HR Business partner supporting a shared services portfolio of 4000 people nationally

Girish: Tell us about your early career and what it was that made you decide on a career in HR

Allison: People Engagement
Ability to influence business and the performance outcomes
The wide scope and complexity of the role and the ability to specialise

Girish: What is your average day at work like?

Allison: It is split between Client engagement, Coaching, Problem Solving, Line Leadership, Strategy implementation, Advisory, Business Development and Decision Making

Girish: What is your biggest HR challenge?

Allison: Corporate red tape,Challenging Policy, Changing mindsets

Girish: What has been the highlight of your career in HR?

Allison: Building and landing a newly creating Shared Services Environment from 1103 people to 4000 and influencing the business performance

Girish: How has HR helped the bottom line of your company?

Allison: By creating and implementing recruitment strategy that changes the caliber and profile of incumbents employed. Revising the training strategy to improve the quality of the training and impact of staff on Customer.

Girish: What according to you is the BEST and the WORST thing about being in HR?

Allison: Worst - HR are always seen as the enemy and blamed for all wrong doing
Best - We are the change agents who have the highest impact on how to drive the EVP and employment reputation of the business

Girish: What strategies do you use to retain your staff?

Allison: Financial, Developmental, Good EVP - good environment to work in with good development and opportunities for growth and mobility.

Girish: What according to you is the most important HR skill?

Allison: Listening and reasoning

Girish: How do you manage company culture?

Allison: I manage it through constant engagement and feedback

Girish: How can our readers reach you?

Allison: I am on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/allison-chothia/14/a81/a4

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