Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Magic Of The 2 Minute Rule

This rule has changed more people's life (instantly) than any other productivity tip I have ever known.

It actually starts with another idea I have talked about - The Brain Dump.

So, here is the 2 minute rule...

If anything on your "list of things to do" takes less than 2 mins to do, do it right away.

This is one of the core ideas in the GTD productivity system.

So why does this tactic work?

Its because the return on the task being on your "to do list" is far outweighed by the act of simply doing it - if it only takes 2 minutes.

For example, "Call Uncle Roy to wish him a Happy Birthday!". I would simply do this task as soon as it popped up in my head instead of putting it on a list as I know it will only take me a minute. I wouldn't do it if the context was not right though. For example, its Uncle Roy's sleep time or I don't have my phone with me, then I would let it be. Otherwise, I will just make the call.

Try it and let me know how this rule worked for you.

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