Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 Ways To Progress From Busy To Productive

Are you busy? Not productive?

Remains busy the whole day doesn't mean that you were productive too.
Knowing the difference between busy and productive can determine success.

"Getting many things done means you were busy. Getting the right things done makes you  productive.” 

Most often in spite of our hard work,we fail to achieve our target and keep on
thinking what went wrong.When people/employees are used to certain bad productivity
habits,in spite of being hard workers they tend to achieve less or nothing.

 Let us unveil the secrets behind un productiveness.

1. Be Held Up With Meetings

Meetings are integral part of business.Too many meetings can of course keep you
busy full day but, Are they wasting your productive time?No amount of talking can replace action.

2. Taking Up Other People,s Job

Be just before you are generous.Make sure that your task is being executed well in time before giving a helping hand to your co-worker.Engaging with other people,s work causes injustice to yours.

3. The Myth Of Time

Time doesn't change.We have only fixed working time in a day. To make use of the time effectively and productively is the real challenge an employee faces in time management.

4. To Be Engaged In Multitasking

Employees perform many different jobs in a day.Does multitasking ensures productivity?Undertaking many jobs at a time makes your schedule tight,but you are not getting much done.Set your priority tasks and be focused on to it.

5. Keeping The Work For Tomorrow.

This is one big mistake employees often do at workplace.Never keep your work for tomorrow, when it can be accomplished the same day.When employees put things off  for next day they end up with long list of un accomplished tasks and worries.Later on they find it difficult to cope up with the work schedule.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Over Sharing? Take A Break!


Think Before You Go Social


In today,s world with social media pole to pole, Is anything truly private?
Is a question that matters.Both individuals and organization are exposed to social media.Social media has far reaching impact which cannot be overlooked.When you are too much in to social disclosure make sure that you have set the boundary. This social disclosure can have adverse effect on your profession and the organization you represent, if not done with common sense. 

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