Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Powerful Five - On Transparent Workplace

In today,s organization scenario the concept of  we becoming popular and vital.A good example is a best sermon. Leaders lead by example encourage others to follow them.Organization endeavor for transparent workplace,must possess certain traits.
When times get tough, the tough get transparent. That's the word from Quint Studer, author of the new book Straight A Leadership: Alignment, Action, Accountability.

These are  few powerful tips;

1.  Give Respect And Take Respect

      Employees should be treated with due respect at all levels at     
      workplace.Let the employees know that they too add value to
      the company.

2.    Have A Perfect Bridging Between All Levels Of Hierarchy

       Make sure that the organization's goals ,plans and strategies are
       perceived well by the employees in order to actualize  perfect harmony
       in work environment

3.    A Well Framed Communication System

       Whenever the front line manager /leaders fail to communicate 
       with the employees, conflict and confusions bob up at work place.
       Development of an effective communication system can contribute
       more towards productivity.  

4.    Provide With Updated Changes

       Now employees have grown beyond surprises.Keep them posted with
       latest changes that happening in the organization, whether its on
       the policies or product.This can  build mutual trust.

5.    A Standard Set On Behavior

       When you dream of transparent workplace, it is considered to be the
       part of corporate culture.In order to achieve on this, the organization 
       should practice certain behavioral traits such as, honest feedback, 
       openness between employer and employee,and equality.Transparent
       workplace assure faster problem solving, better teamwork and a
       healthy working relationship.


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