Thursday, April 16, 2015

11 Fear Factors Of Productive Wheel

Employee’s productivity can be directly linked with the work environment and company culture. It includes all the system in which the employees interact with directly or in directly. Studies were done on different aspects of employee productivity. Let me untie my thoughts on how fear affects productivity.

These are few fear factors which can have an impact on your productivity;

1.        A high stress level

Fear has a direct impact on stress level. An employee working with high stress level is obvious to give poor performance.

2.       Fear of Failure

When an employee step in to a new field or trying to experiment something new for the job betterment, this fear crop up. The fear of failure holds him back, and this uncertainty prevents successful completion of the work.

3.       A difficult task

Difficulty in doing the work can create fear on employees mind. The anxiety of successful undertaking of the work leads to less productivity.

4.       Fear of Recognition

Employees always live with the fear whether they are taken rightly by the leaders at work place. This refrain them from not expressing their views, concerns and suggestions can lead to conflict.

5.       Fear of unemployment

Generally all are afraid of things which are beyond our control. Fear of  losing job can be stated as the most haunting thought the employees deal with. This act as a barrier in effective utilization of their skill. 

6.       Fear of Economic Stability
Organizations economic stability can be a fear factor which has an influence on productivity. The employees always will be anxious about their tomorrow.

7.       Personal In security

It is very relevant in today's world that the employees should have the confidence to work fearlessly without any physical and mental disturbances.

8.       Fear of Rejection

When the goal is achieved by teamwork, adaptability matters. The fear of rejection comes in, where the employees feels that they are being overlooked or avoided by the co-workers, which has a reverse effect on productivity. 

9.     Fear of Missing Out

This can be said as a form of social anxiety. The fear of missing out happens when the employees feel that they will miss something important, if they don't do continued social interaction. In effect the employees keep themselves to social medias like, phone, email, internet browsing etc at the cost of their productivity.

10.   Fear of Timeout

Timely execution of work is always appreciated by the employers. When a particular work goes on prolonging or if the worker experiences lack of expertise, fear dominates, which affects the quality of work and timely execution.

11.   Fear of Work culture

Each work culture is unique in nature.Most often new employees find it difficult to cope up with the cultural and environmental changes.This fear can initially demotivate them.A little fear can motivate performance, but too much of it  kills performance.

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